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    Games, apps, stickers, any (weird) form of arts... anything.

    And we'd like to share it with the world. ​


    iMessage Stickers set, designed by someone who likes, well, frogs.


    This one is just an ordinary frog living ordinary frog life... or not.

    If you are looking for a pizza-loving, beer worshipping, hard-working(mostly) frog, you are in the right place! Come and meet this ordinary frog to light up your day and your conversation.


    Meet Birdie!


    An ordinary, fluffy, and a little shy bird who loves warm wool socks, hot bath and tea parties very much. Also, might have mild scone addiction. But just a mild one.


    Meet Suruming, a video game & nap loving Squid.

    Might be addicted to coffee, but mostly a happy squid geeking quietly and gives multiple thumbs-ups to things Suruming approves.


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